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Kiskinohamâkan Youth Program

In 1885, Métis leader Louis Riel was hanged after a life-long fight trying to protect the rights and lands of Métis and First Nations peoples. Since then, Métis people have been forced to suppress their way of life, languages, music, art, foods, and practices and we need your help bringing Métis culture back to the hands of Métis people.

There are over 127,000 Métis people in Alberta, and while the Métis Nation of Alberta works tirelessly to deliver cultural programming to our children we need your help to reach children in school in rural and remote areas.

Our current project is scheduled for this year’s Métis week, November 14-17, in the Northern Gateway Public School Division's Whitecourt, AB.


Your donations will be used for necessary supplies for cultural teachings and facilitator honourariums.

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Help us make a difference in our youth's lives.


Hay Hay [thank you] for donating to our youth.

Stacey Wright

Mental Health Capacity Building Team for Success Program Manager

Northern Gateway Public Schools

"With the expertise of Logan and Alexa, I am hopeful to be able to offer Métis teachings to over 1000 students in our community. I hope to expand this collaborative effort to the rest of our schools in our division in the future. By doing so, we would not only enrich the educational

experience of our students but also contribute to building a more inclusive and equitable society."

LaShawn Speck

ARIES Alternative Education Program Manager at Urban Native Youth Association

"Alexa was so awesome. We had youth that were super engaged, she had one of our quietest youths talking. I would consider that a breakthrough! We loved Alexa’s energy and what she brings to the classroom."

Gurpreet Bains

LA Matheson Secondary School

“The [beaded] dot art class was very engaging for my students. It was a grade 12 class but all students were deeply engaged and created some beautiful artwork. The presenter is kind and a master in her craft. Highly recommend this class to others.”
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