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Métis Sash Traditional

Métis Sash Traditional

My jewelry is authentically Metis-Made and hand-made using authentic hide and the highest quality seed beads.



Iron nickel-free hook

10/0 Czech seed beads

3.5'' from top of ear hook


    Founder of Desert Métis Creations, Alexa Lizotte, came up with her Traditional Métis Sash design while sitting at her auntie's kitchen table in her home community. Alexa was experimenting with new earring designs as her and her auntie were going to sell at the local farmer's market in just a few days. Alexa was set out to sell her earrings and her auntie was going to sell her home-baked goodies. Alexa was working on turquoise, white, and yellow pieces while the idea of a Métis sash piece came to her mind. She grabbed a sash from her auntie's closet and poured all the classic sash bead colours on her work station. With the Métis sash by her side, Alexa worked through different designs and displays of the classic Métis colours until it looked perfect. Now, she proudly displays her classic Métis Sash pair for her brothers and sisters to wear alongside her.


    Customer service is extremely important to us.


    There is no return or refund policy on Desert Métis Creations jewelry products unless your product arrives with damages.


    Although there is no policy on returns or refunds, please contact our customer service team within two weeks of delivery date if you are unsatisfied with your product. Requests after two weeks of delivery date will not be considered.


    If your Desert Métis Creations product arrives with any damages, please contact our customer service team in order to receive an exchange.


    Please allow 2-5 days for shipment processing.


    All Desert Métis Creations jewelry orders acquire $10 domestic and $15 US flat rate shipping charges.

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